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Traditional Wooden

Rosedale Summerhouse

The Rosedale is an Apex roof summerhouse

· Large pane doors and windows
· Thicker than average tongue and grooved shiplap
· Joinery made double doors with fitted mortice lock
· Decorative hinges and handle
· 300 mm roof overhang with shaped front fascia boards
· Window size and quantity depends on size of building
· Options include a 600mm verandah, opening side window(s), felt tiles, safety glass

Available Sizes:
 •  FW=2.4m x D=1.8m x H=2.4m with 2 Windows
 •  FW=2.4m x D=2.4m x H=2.4m with 4 Windows
 •  FW=2.4m x D=3.0m x H=2.4m with 4 Windows
 •  FW=3.0m x D=1.8m x H=2.5m with 2 Windows
 •  FW=3.0m x D=2.4m x H=2.5m with 4 Windows
 •  FW=3.0m x D=3.0m x H=2.5m with 4 Windows
 •  FW=3.0m x D=3.6m x H=2.5m with 4 Windows



45mm X 34mm

Eaves Height

1200mm x 1800mm

Mortice Lock


Base Requirements

Site Clearance

Ground Leveling
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