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A base for a concrete garage must be strong enough, large enough, and suitably flat and level for the new building to be erected onto.
We can assess the suitability of an existing base or quote for a new base if required.

All site surveys and quotations are free of charge and without obligation.
If you are contemplating installing a new base yourself, we are happy to offer free advice and guidance.

The size of your building is approximate and does not allow for roof overhangs.
When deciding where to site your building you must allow sufficient room for the roof and allow access for assembling, maintenance and retreating of the building.

Paved bases for wooden sheds

The most popular choice of base for a garden shed or summerhouse is paving slabs.
We will supply a professionally laid paved base from £7.50 per sq. ft.

We use only top quality pressed 600mm x 600mm grey slabs laid flat and level onto sand/cement mix.

Concrete bases for concrete or wooden buildings

A concrete base is essential for a concrete building, and may be preferable for heavier wooden buildings.
We will supply a professionally laid concrete base from £8.00 per sq. ft.

We lay a minimum thickness of 100mm over a similar thickness of machine compacted hardcore, usually incorporating a damp-proof plastic membrane.


Base Requirements

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Ground Leveling
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